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RMF Systems

The name RMF Systems has become synonymous with the latest developments in filtration technology. RMF filter units are the most complete and efficient filter series available today. Worldwide a great success in a huge range of hydraulic applications. The solution to contamination problems which cause more than 80% of all hydraulic malfunctions and component defects.

The filter units of RMF Systems have a large dirt and water collection capacity and are famous for their excellent filtration efficiency. Costly main flow filters are protected and malfunctions are reduced to a minimum. Oil life is increased resulting in lower oil change frequency and less machine down-time.
The wide range of RMF products consists of: Air conditioners, By-pass units, Off-line units, Off-line units with water sorb, Heated Off-line units, Off-line units air driven, Vacuum dehydration units, Filter elements and By-pass lube oil units.

Doedijns organisation
The brand RMF Systems is registered, designed, developed and produced in-house by Doedijns Hydraulics B.V. in The Netherlands.
Doedijns Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fluid power solutions and one of the largest independent specialists in the Benelux in the field of hydraulics, measurement, control. Systems and oil management. Alongside sales of leading branded components, the organization specializes in the development, assembly, production, implementation and after-sales service of custom-made systems for the industrial, mobile, maritime and offshore industries.

Doedijns Hydraulics B.V. forms part of Doedijns International B.V. (head office in The Netherlands), an international force in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics and instrumentation. Doedijns International is a healthy growing organization with more than 250 employees and several branches in Europe and Asia.