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Vacuum dehydration units

The Mini Water Vac is a designated oil purification unit which can be applied directly to various types of machine reservoirs. It dehydrates and cleans most types of oil such as lubricating, hydraulic, transformer and switch oils, etc.
Mini Water Vac is a self-regulating processing unit which removes particles, gasses, and water. The purified oil satisfies the most stringent quality requirements, such as stated in the ISO 4406 .

Simple operation
The Mini Water Vac neither removes nor alters oil additives. The water removal process is based on pure vacuum evaporation inside a vacuum chamber at a maximum temperature of 65 ̊ C. Solid particle removal is achieved through a well proven RMF Systems micro filter.
Mini Water Vac does not require continuous attention whilst operating. Once the unit is connected properly and commissioned, oil purification is a semi automatic process. Desired oil temperature can be selected on a thermostat which is included in the integrated heater element of the dehydration unit.
Oil supply and removal from the vacuum chamber is a full automatic process which is controlled by a PLC.
The only manual action is the emptying of pre-condenser and waste water container. Overflow of the waste container is protected through a float switch which will shut down the dehydration unit once the maximum level is reached.

Water, gas and particle removal
Mini Water Vac removes liquid, gas, and solid contamination, which are corrosive and contribute to the reduction of machine life. Water gas and solid particle contamination greatly increase maintenance cost and contribute to unwanted break downs or total machine failures.
Mini Water Vac offers protection against malfunctions, break downs or total failures, the Mini Water Vac also protects the environment by reducing oil consumption and oil disposal along with its inherent costs and problems.

- Efficient water, gas and particulate removal
- Extension of fluid service life 
- Reduces fluid disposal
- Minimises corrosion within systems
- Reduces operating cost